AQUEIS e.V. encourages participation in further education events in the field of aquatic sciences. Thus, a course scholarship is awarded, which enables motivated students, students or general interested parties to take part in continuing education courses as a supplement to school and university.
Likewise, motivated students are supported in their studies or theses, both in the form of travel and material costs, as well as for publication in scientific journals.
Further information about the scholarship options can be found under the following links:
Research grants
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Publication grants
* Research grant *
Julia Giebel spent 6 months in Sulawesi, studying the amount and composition of waste in the largest city in the province and a small island town.
In both places she has looked at households, public places, a river and a beach.
She has also conducted an indicator analysis to assess people’s attitude of waste and how well they are doing economically.
Finally, she worked out a scenario for both places how to organize the waste so that less of it ends up in the sea.

* Research grant *
Elsa Girard studies geobiology and paleobiology at the Ludwig Maximilian University in Munich. As part of her Master’s thesis, Elsa deals with the uptake and accumulation of microplastics in tropical sponges. She traveled to Manado in Sulawesi, Indonesia, in spring 2019 to collect samples, a corner of the world renowned for its high biodiversity. Back in Germany, the samples are analyzed, the results written down and a master thesis submitted. For us, Elsa has put together a short film about her work in Manado.
Have fun watching.