School on the Beach
With our concept “School on the Beach” we bring children and young people in contact with the sea. First developed as a public outreach day for an international scientific workshop “School on the Beach” is now an event on its own. The program runs in Italy already for more than three years. Each event attracts several hundred kids and teenagers.
Our contacts worldwide enable us to carry “School on the Beach” into other regions of the planet. This initiative connects a qualified person (e.g. marine biologist, naturalist) with a host (e.g. hotel owner, city council) who together invite a group of students to a day of “School on the Beach”. Activities may include presentations, guided tours along the beach, snorkelling trips, boat excursions or activities like the exploration of tide pools, analysis of flotsam or interviews with traditional fishermen, just to name a few.
Major focus is put on the personal experience of the participants, and the local reference in a global context. We also bring forward the international collaboration by the young persons themselves by encouraging them to produce any kind of “result” of the event, be it a drawing, photographs, a short written report or a video. The media will then be selected for publication on the AQUEIS website in order to share them with others kids around the globe. One of our goals is to cultivate networking and exchange of experiences among participants via the worldwide web.

*October 2015*

Together with the HYDRA Institute for Marine Sciences, the Acquario dell’Elba from Marina di Campo and the owners of the beach bar Pino Solitario AQUEIS organized another School on the Beach in Fetovaia.
The primary-school pupils got inspired, studied marine organisms under the binocular and draw what they had seen and heard.
We thank all helpers, supporters and especially all visitors!!!

*October 2013*
The pupils of the primary-school TESEO TESEI from Marina di Campo visited the School on the Beach event in Fetovaia on 4th of October 2013. Together with biologists of the HYDRA Institute for Marine Sciences the kids examined microscopic small animals, shook hand with sea star and octopus from the Acquario dell’Elba
and portreyed their impressions on the terrasse of the beach bar Pino Solitario. A big THANK YOU to all participants and supporters! We are already looking to the next event!