AQUEIS e.V. supports the realisation of public events with which marine scientific contents become accessible for a wider audience.
*October 2020* – Webinar on ‚Stand by the Sea – Italien Sailor Against Ocean Plastic Waste’
NTTI got invited to talk at the EU CLIMATE DIPLOMACY WEEK in Indonesia
Marco Segre Reinach from CoralEye and Miriam Weber from AQUEIS joined the webinar which took place on October 27th 2020.
After the introduction by the moderator Linda Paoli, an Italian marine biologist working in Indonesia, the famous film ‘Stand by the Sea – Italien Sailor Against Ocean Plastic Waste’ was shown.
Several navigators and sailors express their experiences on plastic in the ocean over the last years to decades.
After the film Linda asked Marco to explain his experiences and actions against plastic in the ocean while living and working on Bangka Island, Indonesia. He shared that plastic in the ocean increased substantially in the last times. Just today, when coming to Manado he hat to stop his boat four times because of waste. Marco explained that the resort owners together with the local people started to take action and collect the plastic coming to their beaches. Collaborating with partners on the mainland they bring the waste to recycling and the landfill so it does not remain in the ocean.
Miriam was asked to share her experiences and what she thinks is needed for the future. Collaboration and common effort on several levels, from waste management, education, research and engagement of all stakeholders especially businesses, NGOs and governments was her answer.
More information about the EU CLIMATE DIPLOMACY WEEK Indonesia 2020 can be found here:
* May 2019 *
Half a year later when the students of the Lothar von Kübel-Realschule in Sinzheim were able to inform themselves about “Our future with plastic”, their parents were addressed at this lecture.
AQUEIS presented the spread of plastics, its effects on the environment, and what measures have already been taken to eliminate and reduce it.
After a second short lecture, introducing everyday contributions for everyone to reduce plastic, the audience participated in lively discussion.

* May 2019 *
Heidelberg – plastic free
A group of committed students have organized a weekly campaign “Heidelberg plastic-free” in the city of Heidelberg to encourage discussions, to try out examples and to stimulate them.
AQUEIS was asked to give a talk about the omnipresence of plastic, what effects are already visible and what measures have been taken so far.
A second talk on countermeasures showed what participants of the workshop can do to reduce plastic in their daily life.
The topic was discussed lively.

* January-February 2019 *
Some 100 pupils from
Gymnasium am Mühlenberg in Bad Schwartau
Modellschule Obersberg in Bad Hersfeld
Alfred-Delp-Schule in Dieburg
Rupprecht-Gymnasium and Edith-Stein-Gymnasium in Munich
were invited by their schools to join a presentation by AQUEIS e.V. about plastic in the sea.
We had lively discussions about solutions and reduction methods of plastic wast on personal as well as large scale. Hoping to have many more events like that: Thank you for your interest!

* September 2018 *
Lecture at school in Sinzheim: Our future with plastic
450 students at the lecture of Miriam Weber at the Lothar-von-Kübel secondary school in Sinzheim

Just in time for the start of the new school year, committed parents and teachers invited us to an event in the Fremersberghalle to tell the students and teachers about our experiences with plastic waste, especially in the sea. The AQUEIS chairman and marine biologist Miriam Weber explained the problem of the increasing pollution of the waters with plastic, its causes and entry ways. Above all, the consequences for the animals, but also for the people impressed the listeners sustainably. Attentively, they also followed the proposed solutions. “What can each of us do?” Was the key question, which was further explored in the subsequent open discussion.
The suggestions that were made during the lecture will definitely be deepened in the upcoming project week at the Lothar-von-Kübel secondary school, according to the reactions of pupils and teachers.
AQUEIS will continue to be available to answer questions and support the intended process towards a plastic waste-free school.
* July 2018 *
Public lecture: Plastic in the sea – and what we can do about it

During a public lecture in the village of Pomonte on the island of Elba marine biologist Christian Lott (HYDRA and AQUEIS) reported from almost 30 years experience from expeditions and research worldwide and how, through experience, he and his colleagues eventually transformed from marine biologists to “plastic” biologists. Mayor Anna Bulgaresi explained how they are implementing new measures for better waste management in her community Marciana. National Park biologist Francesca Giannini invited the kids to take a close look at various plastic objects she had brought from home. The president of the Legambiente Tuscan Islands Maria Frangioni reported on initiatives to promote environmental education and raise awareness among young people, also right now in the summer holidays. Gabriella Solari, Director of Local Waste Management ESA, pointed out the role of each individual and called on the population to take part in the new waste separation measures. Giuseppe Tanelli, himself a resident of Pomonte, and the first president of the National Park of the Tuscan Archipelago, admonished to think of future generations, not only to raise children’s awareness, but also to take responsibility oneself and now. The event ended with an exhibition of various marine garbage species, presented by AQUEIS-volunteers.
* May/June 2018 *
On the track of washed-up microplastics, the 4 groups of the sailing trip Segeln und Forschen have taken samples of the sand on the beach of Fetovaia (Italy) respectively and analyzed those at the HYDRA Institute of Marine Sciences. On their route Genoa-Elba-Sardinia-Elba-Genoa, the participants had already examined samples of the sea surface for microplastics from aboard the sailing ship (read more on their Facebook Page ). In the upper 5 cm of the so-called wash margin the result was the same: in each sample plastic particles from 0.63 to 6 mm can be found!
A big thank you goes to the enthusiastic participants, the captain & the doctor and the HYDRA Institute.

* December 2017 *
AQUEIS scholarship holder Nora-Charlotte Pauli has continued to work on behalf of the association. On 14th of December 2017 Nora presented in a public lecture at the GEOMAR / Helmholtz Center for Ocean Research Kiel data from the following three studies
“Biofilm and Diatom Succession on Polyethylene and Biodegradable Plastic Bags in two marine habitats: Early sign of degradation in the pelagic and benthic zone”
“Macrofouling communitites and the degradation of plastic bags in the sea – an in situ experiment”
and the EU-funded OPEN-Bio project “Opening bio-based markets by standards, labelling and procurement”
AQUEIS thanks Nora for her contribution.

* November 2017 *
The first National Workshop on “Reducing Plastic Waste in the Coral Triangle” at Sam Ratulangi University in Manado (Indonesia) gave 2 AQUEIS members a perfect possibility to talk about their research interests. Christian Lott gave a talk about “Marine Plastic Litter and what we can do about it – A Scientist’s Perspective” and Miriam Weber presented the alternative to conventional plastics: “Bio-degradable Plastic – Science and Fiction”. The workshop lasted one day and served as an exchange between government agencies at national and regional levels, as well as industry, non-governmental organisations and academics. A follow-up meeting is scheduled for March 2018. AQUEIS sponsored the local travel expenses and thanks for the commitment.
* August 2017 *
During a research visit to Indonesia, AQUEIS members Christian Lott and Miriam Weber were invited to participate in a seminar on “Microplastics in the Sea” at Sam Ratulangi University in Manado. Miriam presented “Plastic Microparticles in Marine Habitats – Extent, Examples and Possible Actions” and Christian gave a talk about “Studies on the Degradation of Bioplastics in the Ocean”. The seminar ended with a lively discussion and intense exchange between the participants. A national workshop is planned in November 2017. AQUEIS thanks for the engagement and wishes further good cooperation.
* February 2017 *
On 1st of February 2017 the kids of class 3a of the Theodor Billroth School enjoyed a 3 hour seminar on the topic of “water and marine researchers”, supported by AQUEIS.
They got to know the three aggregation states of water and the organisms living in them. With help of selected examples they learned about the work of marine scientists along the different degrees of latitude.
At the end of the lesson a giant map was complemented with drawings of what the kids remembered best. All pupils participated with great performance and wished for such subject-matter specific lessons.

* April 2014 *
Portoferraio, 7 Aprile 2014, ore 20.30; Sala multimediale, Circolo Teseo Tesei
L’Antartide è ancora un gioiello naturale del nostro pianeta.
Ma ci sono segnali allarmanti: I più grandi ghiacciai si stanno sciogliendo in maniera inquietante…
Muoiono i pinguini dal caldo…
Le temperature medie salgono quasi 1 grado ogni dieci anni…
Il prof. James McClintock viene all’Elba per presentare le sue osservazioni di più di trent’anni di ricerca, tra iceberg, balene, pinguini, foche e l’effetto del cambiamento climatico su questo ecosistema in declino, affascinante e delicato.
* June 2012 *
Snorkelling for kids on the island of Elba

Can we watch animals in the sea face to face? What’s a sponge? A plant? An animal? What is it eating, and how?
A group of school kids between 11 and 15 years old had the chance to answer these questions together with Marine Biologist Stephan Pfannschmidt. They were joined by the art teacher Gloria Gans who recorded her impressions in watercolour paintings.