Goals & Vision

There are many good reasons to raise enthusiasm of young people for the Earth’s waters. The enormous importance of particularly the oceans for life on Earth is undoubted. However, the knowledge about aquatic ecosystems, especially among young persons, is usually scarce. In industrialized regions of the world the loss of traditional proficiency and knowledge may be considered as understandable, yet “normal”. But even in coastal cultures, thousands of years old, like the Inuit of the Arctic or the Torres Strait Islanders of Australia the elders with their traditional knowledge about currents, animal migrations or the edibility of certain marine products remain without proper successors.

Today, more than 50% of the world’s population live near coasts. 75% of all mega-cities are found at the coast. 90% of all seafood is harvested in coastal areas. In fact, the oceans and the waters that feed them concern all of us. We are living on a blue planet.

Modern marine sciences continuously expand our knowledge, bring up new findings and enrich our view of our world. And they call our attention to changes, like ocean acidification and ocean warming, or the changes in biodiversity that have a lasting effect on life on Earth and the survival of humankind.

AQUEIS e.V. aims at transferring these scientific findings, along with the traditional knowledge of local cultures to young persons by suitable means. It is important that not only experts are well familiar with aquatic ecosystems and call to their protection. We need to strengthen the awareness for the fascination, the beauty and the urgency for the conservation of our planet’s waters.