With our concept “School on the Beach” we bring children and young people in contact with the sea. First developed as a public outreach day for an international scientific workshop “School on the Beach” is now an event on its own. The program runs in Italy already for more than three years. Each event attracts several hundred kids and teenagers.
Our contacts worldwide enable us to carry “School on the Beach” into other regions of the planet. This initiative connects a qualified person (e.g. marine biologist, naturalist) with a host (e.g. hotel owner, city council) who together invite a group of students to a day of “School on the Beach”. Activities may include presentations, guided tours along the beach, snorkelling trips, boat excursions or activities like the exploration of tide pools, analysis of flotsam or interviews with traditional fishermen, just to name a few.
Major focus is put on the personal experience of the participants, and the local reference in a global context. We also bring forward the international collaboration by the young persons themselves by encouraging them to produce any kind of “result” of the event, be it a drawing, photographs, a short written report or a video. The media will then be selected for publication on the AQUEIS website in order to share them with others kids around the globe. One of our goals is to cultivate networking and exchange of experiences among participants via the worldwide web.

School on the Beach – Beach in the School
*October 2019*
The beach bar Pino Solitario served once again as a school on the beach of Fetovaia. Together with the Acquario dell’Elba and Dive Blue we were able to introduce worms, snails, crabs, seastars and -urchins and many more sea creatures to the curious students from the middle school in Marina di Campo. Also in the afternoon we presented the secrets of the sea to an interested audience of tourists and beach visitors.
We look forward to the next time and say “Grazie tanto a tutti!”

*March 2019*
On Bangka Island the season 2019 has started, therefore also the work with the local kids. The focus of this event was to introduce the coral reef and to spot and study selected inhabitants. That was done first in tanks and dissection microscopes and then directly in the water. The work was lead by members of AQUEIS e.V., which were supported by six volunteers of the NGO Seasoldiers and staff of CoralEye. The activity also mark the beginning the cooperation of Seasoldiers, the local Junior High School with headmaster Jody, CoralEye and AQUEIS e.V. Weekly lessons will now be prepared and tought by the Seasoldiers. For the kids it will be possible to experience the ecosystems in the sea (coral reef, seagrass meadows) and on land (beach, mangroves) in a comprehensive approach. We are looking forward to the cooperation.

*October 2018*
UNITY IS STRENGTH 😉 in Sulawesi, Indonesia
At the CoralEye Resort another School on the Beach was conducted together with Reef Check Italia Onlus.
A class from the local middle school went snorkelling with us to learn more about corals. Together we collected also beached plastic waste and learned how to differentiate the different types. The sorted plastic will be brought to mainland Sulawesi to be recycled. The kids will receive funding for outdoor equipment (e.g. tent) for further school excursions. In addition, volunteers of our No-Trash Triangle Initiative will adress environmental topics during weekly seminars at the school.

*April 2018*

This year at the beginning of the season, we welcomed 80 children of school and kindergarten age at the beach of Fetovaia (Italy). Together with the beach bar Pino Solitario and the Acquario dell’Elba a great day was organized. We were able to arouse a lot of enthusiasm in our mini-aquarium and mini-laboratory and to stimulate beatiful drawings (see photo mosaic)! Many visitors took the opportunity in the afternoon to inform themselves about the exhibited organisms and habitats.
We look forward to next time and meeting many more interested people!

An extra round of applause goes to the teacher Martina Sabbioni from the school Teseo Tesei in Marina di Campo, who on her own initiative gave instructions on waste separation: standing next to the garbage cans she corrected the children and explained the correct use! More of that!

*March 2018*
School on the Beach in Indonesia!!!!
Kids from 1., 2. and 3. grade of SD GMIM Lihunu Elementary School on Bangka Island (which is in NE Sulawesi) found themselves as plastic detectives in a special Saturday school event. They explored beach sand samples for microplastic under the microscope, studied live animals as sea anemones, soft corals, hard corals, clams, worms, crabs, starfish and sea squirts in aquaria, and learned about how plastic is entering the marine foodweb. In an expedition from the school through the village down to the shore the kids had to resolve the case of the clownfish who became ill and eventually died from having eaten too much plastic. At the beach the plastic detectives analyzed the evidence collected by hand and also from pictures taken during the walk, and reflected about their own contribution to the problem of plastic litter in the ocean.
AQUEIS was joined by the Suara Pulau Foundation and CoralEye, who provided aquaria, microscopes and transport. We also thank Mimpi Indah resort for hosting the volunteers and Nomad Divers, Bangka for giving them a ride back. Our biggest „THANK YOU“ goes to the kids that made this day a very special one with their cheering enthusiasm and their dedication. Terima kasih banyak!

*September 2016*

At the end of the 2016 season, the biologists of the HYDRA Institute have teamed up with the operator of the Acquario dell’Elba 120! Exciting children from the neighboring villages paraded from the sea. In the beach bar Pino Solitario micro organisms were microscopically examined, dolphin bones were scanned (see photo) and the moles were observed while digging their corridors (see photo).

*October 2015*

Together with the HYDRA Institute for Marine Sciences, the Acquario dell’Elba from Marina di Campo and the owners of the beach bar Pino Solitario AQUEIS organized another School on the Beach in Fetovaia.
The primary-school pupils got inspired, studied marine organisms under the binocular and draw what they had seen and heard.
We thank all helpers, supporters and especially all visitors!!!

*October 2013*
The pupils of the primary-school TESEO TESEI from Marina di Campo visited the School on the Beach event in Fetovaia on 4th of October 2013. Together with biologists of the HYDRA Institute for Marine Sciences the kids examined microscopic small animals, shook hand with sea star and octopus from the Acquario dell’Elba
and portreyed their impressions on the terrasse of the beach bar Pino Solitario. A big THANK YOU to all participants and supporters! We are already looking to the next event!

*October 2011*
160! School and kindergarten children attended School on the Beach 2011 on the island of Elba. The biologists of the HYDRA Institute of Marine Sciences and the operators of the Acquario dell’Elba were again allowed to set up their microscopes, aquariums and display cases in the beach bar Pino Solitario in Fetovaia, to provide the ocean at the beach to children and interested people.
We are happy about the great response and we would like to thank all who were there!

*2010: First event on the subject of seaweed*
For the first time, AQUEIS e.V. has partnered with the School on the Beach event, in collaboration with the HYDRA Institute for Marine Sciences , the Acquario dell’Elba and the operators of the Pino Solitario beach bar!
A great success with many enthusiastic schoolchildren from the community, interested tourists and motivated helpers and organizers!
A repeat is guaranteed!