It is in the heart of the coral triangle where the NO-TRASH TRIANGLE INITIATIVE attempts to grasp the scale of plastic pollution and will take measures to keep this environment natural and beautiful.
The devastating extent of plastic pollution when observing how near-pristine tropical beaches were covered with floating trash by every tide has to be stopped. Therefore a program was developped that gives islanders the opportunity for an income by selling waste and increasing the motivation for waste separation. As a start, this project is initiated with resorts on Bangka Island in Indonesia. As a matter of fact, the Coral Triangle in South-East Asia harbors the highest marine biodiversity on planet Earth. Unfortunately, this region also has a high risk of plastic pollution, and the load of plastic litter in the sea and at the beaches is increasing dramatically. Meanwhile, every day thousands of tons of waste are entering and contaminating the sea.
You can find more information on the official NTTI-website. Therefor just click on the link.

Now, scientists from Germany (HYDRA, University of Magdeburg) and Indonesia (Sam Ratulangi University of Manado are teaming up with locals, assessing the beached waste scientifically by sorting and pre-treating it for possible recycling. This pilot study will combine global research with local actions and educational events (see School on the beach)
Furthermore, students from all over the world can contribute to analyze plastic pollution through the Coral Eye scholarship program, working on plastic debris in marine organisms and habitats.
One first student was already cundicting a study to assess waste that was collected on a stretch of 100 meters of beach during six weeks from November to December 2017.
We are sure, that the efforts made on an international level, to receive external funding and to develop a waste management concept locally with Bangka as a case study, will eventually lead to other remote islands and rural communities.
Let there be many more projects and events!!!